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HighlanderPG - there can be only one
Run a singleton process or supervisor in your cluster, now with Postgres
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Daniel Cazzulino, creator of Moq and SponsorLink
Daniel tells us about his future plans for SponsorLink
Joris Schellekens, Creator of Borb
Joris tells us what it's like bootstrapping a new commercial library
The Economics of Paid Libraries
How we can compete with free
Parker Selbert, Creator of Oban
Parker pulls back the cover on what it's like to commercialize your package
Mike Perham, Creator of Sidekiq: From Employment to Independence
Mike shares his thoughts on why Sidekiq has stood the test of time
Bruno Lowagie, Creator of iText: From FOSS to COSS
Bruno answers the questions I had after reading his book, Entreprenerd.
Library Authors Can’t Live on Coffee and Goodwill
Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Paywall
Sell your library for money
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